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Sir John Soane’s Museum

27 Mar

Saturday the 19th Sam and I walked from our dorm in West London to Holborn, which is in Central London, to visit Sir John Soane’s Museum. It was quite a long walk but the weather was fantastic: sunshine and warmth with a bit of a breeze, perfect for a good walk. We went through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, then down Oxford Street (and the shoppers’ chaos) to Holborn.

Springtime in London is beautiful, all of the parks have flowers in bloom and people out and about enjoying the sun with their families and dogs.

Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park; people come here to rant and rave about all sorts of things every Sunday.

We passed a Hare Krishna march which was very colorful and lively.

Do you know the muffin man? The muffin man? The muffin man!

The Lincoln's Inn, in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Sir John Soane's Museum, located in Sir John Soane's house.

Sir John Soane was an architect and an art collector. His museum is interesting in that everything is open — furniture and sculptures and paintings all occupy former parlour’s and living rooms and the basement. The downside to this is that you can’t really see everything as some objects are on the bottom shelf or top shelf and the lighting is original to the house so it is quite dim. It was still fun to wander around an upper class London home and admire the vast quantities of books Soane owned.

After the museum Sam and I met another friend, Tracy, for Indian food in Brick Lane. Another delicious end to a beautiful day in London. I will miss Brick Lane when I go back to Boston…