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National Portrait Gallery

14 Mar

On Sunday it was drizzly so a few friends and I went for a walk to Trafalgar square to see the St. Patrick’s Day festival. We took a bus to Hyde Park and walked past Buckingham to the square. Our walk took us down the Mall (rhymes with pal) which gave wonderful views of St. James’s park.


Parliament is just visible through the tree's along the Mall

A sure sign that spring is here in London

There were a few kids running through the flocks of pigeons, it was adorable.

The Eye just visible beyond the park. London is beautiful in the spring.

The festival was a bit lame…

St. Patrick's Day festival stage

Irish donut stand; Abby was once told by another of our friends "You smell like a nice, fresh daisy."

A giant ship in a bottle

After we got bored with the festival, we went around the block to the National Portrait Gallery. Photography wasn’t allowed inside, but we got to see portraits of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, the Bronte Sisters, John Donne, Paul McCartney, Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Di and Shakespeare, just to name a few.



The Thomas family arrives

3 Mar

On Saturday the 18th my family (Mom, Dad, and my older brother Mark) came to visit for about a week. Since the only other member of my family who had been to London (the UK, or Europe, for that matter) is my dad, it was exciting to have Mom and Mark see what it’s like outside the states and the Caribbean. Our first order of business was breakfast at a pub, the Builder’s Arms, so that they could experience a traditional English breakfast. Mark and Dad even tried Black Pudding, which is a fried circle of pig’s blood. Needless to say, neither Mom nor I tried it.

After breakfast I took them to the Victoria and Albert Museum, making it my fourth trip there in a month. Jack met us there and we went through a few exhibits including: Jewelry, Silver, and Theatre and Performance. Here’s a brief look at what we saw:

We weren't supposed to take pictures of the jewelry but I was unaware for a few pictures worth...

Dame Edna's "Breakfast" dress

Sweeney Todd stage lighting display. Quick explanation as to why I would bother posting this: Sweeney Todd is my favorite musical. This display let you change the lights to chage the setting of the play. It was a great way to show how much of a role lighting plays in staging a show and setting the mood. (theatre nerd out)

Scar from The Lion King stage production

A first folio of Shakespeare. (had a mini nerdy freakout over this baby)

My new boyfriend.

A silver lion, my new pet.

I love doves

Trinket boxes

After the museum we took a long walk to Buckingham Palace which took us through Hyde Park. It was cold but a nice walk. We ate at the original Hard Rock Cafe, which was delicious.