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Life in London Part III: Food and Drink

23 May

Things I’ve fallen in love with while in London…

Food and Drink

Banoffee Pie. The most delicious dessert ever. A graham cracker or shortbread crust followed by a layer of toffee and bananas and topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate or cinnamon. Absolute heaven in your mouth. (this Banoffee Pie is from Balans on Kensington High Street)

Jacket potatoes, also known as a baked potato in the states only a jacket potato is filled with... well... whatever you like. Commonly though, for a super cheap meal, Brits eat theirs with Heinz beans (also a breakfast staple) and a bit of cheddar cheese if feeling fancy.

Naan. A delicious flatbread that is standard with Indian cuisine.

Vindaloo. A very spicy Indian dish. Do not try it unless you can handle extreme spice. It has become a staple in my diet here.

I love nice a glass of white wine. Very sophisticated of me. Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc, please.

In addition to wine, you all know I love cider and this is my favorite…

I am on the hunt for this in the states. Berry cider... Swedish berry cider... That I only found twice in the UK... Someone help me


Sillyness around London, featuring Jack and Etana

8 Mar

The weekend before my birthday (Feb. 24-27) one of my (most good-looking) closest friends from home, Etana, came to visit Jack and me. She is currently studying in Amsterdam and has been all year so I hadn’t seen her since August. We had quite a lot of fun exploring the city on Friday. We mostly stayed around the Bloomsbury/Holburn area but managed to venture to Oxford Street so that she could experience the joys and terror that is Primark. She did manage to get a bargain, so it was worth it. And of course Jack and I took her to Pizza Express for dinner, where she also got to experience my favorite dessert, Banoffee Pie.

On our exploration we came across this gem.

I clearly am a child. But that's okay, I know I am not alone.

On Saturday we went to Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It was dreadful weather all day; it rained, and rained, and rained some more. But we had fun looking at the trinkets and we had some delicious Paella from a street vendor. We also found this store, which made us think of a certain friend:

Little Lauren would have loved it. And Madonna has been there apparently.

That night we went to Brick Lane for Indian food, which is quickly becoming my favorite cuisine. Brick Lane is famous for Indian food but I found this street sign, which made me think of yet another friend:

Yes, Patrick, it is a street named after your favorite food.

As for our dinner, I had Vindiloo, which is an extremely spicy dish. I can normally handle spicy food but I was reaching for the mango lassi (a yogurt based smoothie) and the naan (flatbread) to help cool of my mouth, which was ablaze. After dinner we went to a club in Picadilly called Rumba, which was fun but crowded. And at the end of the night I had to say goodbye to Etana (for now, Amsterdam, here I come…April 22). Getting to see her and Jack really makes me appreciate not only old friends but having really great friends relatively nearby.

After my weekend with Etana, I was greeted with another Monday. But this time, it was my birthday. My 21st birthday. It didn’t really feel all that special (although my Blackberry was quite exhausted from all the Facebook notifications by the end of the day) until the next day, when I went to dinner with Jack. We had some fabulous ravioli and a glass of wine and dessert at a place in Covent Garden . After dinner we went back to his flat to watch Clue and polish off two bottles of wine. It was quite the night.

But the birthday celebrations didn’t stop there. On Wednesday we went to our favorite little club, Opal, to dance and have a good time. Before Opal we went to the Union bar at Imperial College for a pint of cider. And at opal we ordered this:

The Giant Daiquiri. Serves eight, or five in our case. And Jack was more than able to keep up with the girls.

We also managed to take a shot (Jack, Sam, Matt, and me) or two (Jack and me). It was a night of good friends and great dancing. What more can you ask for at 21?

Jack and I on the dance floor, making everyone jealous of our sweet grooves.