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30 Jan

I miss the small bits of British slang I heard tossed about London. I miss walking on the pavement, not the sidewalk. I miss hearing cheers instead of thank you/you’re welcome. I miss going out for a pint, not a beer. I miss preparing for the week-end, not the weekend. I miss the colorful curse words and rampant use of the four letter words Americans frown on (sorry, Mom). I miss saying round instead of around. I miss hearing children say muh-ma and puh-pa. I miss going to the pub. Taking the tube. Walking the High Street. Living in a posh neighborhood. Fancying someone. Going on holiday.

I miss England.


One year later…

12 Jan

A year ago I packed a suitcase, boarded a plane by myself, and began a four-month preview of a life in London. I call it a preview and not a journey because I know that London is my end point, and my journey there wasn’t the plane ride – it’s everything I will do until I move there permanently. And the whole “finding myself”-journey cliche doesn’t begin to cover my time spent in London last year. 

I think about London every single day. The streets, the Tube, the museums, the culture, and the way I felt when I was there. People often talk about feeling like they’re home, and how certain places just feel right. When I think about London I know that it is the one place where I truly feel at home. While I love where I spent my childhood, and I love where I grew as a college student, London is the place I want to be. The place I miss the most. The place I feel most like myself. London is where I know I belong. Cue the corny music.

2011 was a year of many firsts and new experiences – some great, some not so great – but why dwell on the bad when I can remember the incredible? The unbelievable? The oh-so-British? 

This is the year I graduate from college and embark on a little journey into the career world. As I begin this important year, I want to share more from my experience in London with whomever is reading my blog.