Life in London Part I: Music

7 May

The first installment on things I’ve fallen in love with while in London…


I’ve always loved Adele, but being in London has made me love her even more. She is a singer/songwriter who was born in north London. I love her for her talent, her confidence, and her ability to write the emotions that we all feel and can relate to at every point in our lives.

Adele just released her second album, 21, and being in the UK allowed me to hear it (legally) before those in the states which was exciting. She performed at the Brit Awards (the UK Grammy’s, essentially) and it is a performance that will bring you to tears. (skip ahead to the 0:30 mark)

Another bit of music I can’t stop listening to is, of course, Lady GaGa’s “Born this Way” which I blogged about a few weeks ago.

Like I said in an earlier post, I am obsessed with this song.

Another GaGa song was released while I was in London. Like a lot of her songs, this one has some controversy around it. Basically there are those who feel she is advocating for the biblical figure Judas, the betrayer of Jesus. In actuality she is using Judas as a comparison to a lover. People need to chill out when it comes to metaphors. Seriously, it’s a song. And a damn good one at that.

Another British discovery is Jessie J. She’s basically the Brits’ answer to Rihanna and GaGa. She’s definitely fun to dance to and she’s a bit of a nutcase, like all good performance artists.

She's just crazy enough...

And then there’s all the fun club music I heard on a weekly basis… Not a lot of variety there but dancing doesn’t need variety it needs familiarity. So hooray for Top 40 from the last three years!


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