Leeds Castle

6 Apr

On Sunday Jack and I took a bus tour to Leeds Castle, Caterbury, and Dover. We were blessed with gorgeous weather, especially at Leeds.

Leeds Castle is in the county of Kent, about an hour outside London. Leeds is a relatively small castle when compared to Windsor Castle or Dover Castle (more on that later).

Some background information:

– Henry VIII escaped to Leeds during the plague

-He also gifted it to first wife Catherine of Aragon.

-Henry V gave the castle to his with Katherine

-You can get married there and stay in the castle (at a cost)

-Leeds is home to hundreds of birds and boasts its own aviary

The front of the castle

Some flowers growing along the castle walls

The castle is built on an island on a lake which helps with two things: defense and breathtaking views

We entered through the wine cellar, which is always exciting.

Wherever you go, always look up

A recreation of Henry V's wife Katharine's bathroom

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

The hall

A dining room, painted one of my favorite colors. (favourite colours)

Such a beautiful place and a beautiful day to spend there

Kent is full of sheep so there is a constant background of baaaaaas

The white swan

One of the many gardens at Leeds

Lost in the maze, which way do we go?

This was just one of the corners of the maze. jack and I felt like we were in the Triwizard Tournament final task. Yes I reference Harry Potter again. It's hard not to.

And perhaps the most exciting part about Leeds Castle…

The real Black Swan. Seeing Black Swans prompted a lot of "I'm the swan queen!"

Watch Black Swan.


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