A roof with a view

6 Apr

On Saturday Charles came to London for the day along with his amazing mom, Mrs. L-J. I hadn’t seen Charles since I went to St. Andrew’s and I hadn’t seen Mrs. L-J since last summer so it was great to see them again. Jack and I met them at Gordon’s Wine Bar near Embankment tube station. Gordon’s is one of those blink and you miss it places with loads of history. The restaurant is actually a wine cellar so the ceilings are incredibly low and it is lit by candles on the tables. Very nice atmosphere but a bit cramped. And the wine was amazing.

Very moody and romantic place

After lunch we went in search of dessert and coffee before settling on a fabulous hotel terrace bar in Trafalgar Square.

The view from the terrace; the National Gallery is visible in the center of the photo

We could also see the London Eye from the terrace

It was the worldwide pillow fight and Londoners participated in Trafalgar Square, cheering the entire time.

We spent a few hours on the terrace, chatting about everything from London to home to the future. There’s nothing like good company and Saturday was definitely one of the best days for it.


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