British Museum part deux

14 Mar

My second visit to the British Museum was this past Friday and the weather was beautiful.

Proof of the gorgeous weather

My favorite part about the design of the museum, a quote from Tennyson.

First stop, of course, was the Greek and Roman section. Unless labelled otherwise, the following art displays are Greek.

A temple dedicated to the Nereids (sea nymphs)

Vase with maenads and satyrs

Funny face in a plate

A battle helm


Drinking glasses

Frieze from the Partenon

A horse from the Parthenon

Lady with a pot on her head

Roman medical tools. They were all very similar to tools used today, it was unbelievable.

Another statue that reminded me of my brother.

A Roman goblet with very erotic imagery

Roman vase

Guy on a crocodile?

Peacock mosaic

Some mummies…

Little sarcophagus dolls

A preserved corpse


Another dead guy, this time just bones in a straw coffin

Ancient world artifacts…

Om Nom Nom... An Iranian mural

British collars

Hand-carved ivory bracelet

Golden unicorn

English brooches shaped like doves

Dionysus riding a barrel of wine...


And here are a few of my favorite new boyfriends from the British Museum:

I like his floppy hat and his pout

A lovely ruff and facial hair

A distinguished mole and glorious bald head

Best ringlets

A serious demeanor is necessary

And a few awkward statues/art pieces in general…

Cupid; is he misbehaving?

"And I said to her, 'We can't fit anything else in the nest!'"

This guy is just scary. Look at that hat. And those teeth. Yikes.

Something seems a bit disproportionate...




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