Windsor Castle and the best cider of my life

8 Mar

One of my favorite experiences that I got to share with my family was going to Windsor Castle. We went on Monday the 21st, catching the bus after a delicious breakfast at Cafe Concerto (where you get your own mini teapot). It’s about an hour outside the city and very easy to get to. Plus, Windsor is a charming town with more to do than I expected.

Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take photographs inside. We did get a free audio tour though… And the Queen herself was home, although she was too busy to come say hello.

Windsor Castle was founded by William the Conqueror at the end of the 11th century. It is the oldest official residence in the UK and Queen Elizabeth II is one of 39 monarchs to have lived there. The Castle’s church, St. George’s Cathedral, is the final resting place of many royals, including the Queen’s father, George VI, and mother, as well as her sister, Princess Margaret. It was also the location of Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla (Gorilla).

The most recognizable part of the castle, the Round Tower.

The guards don't wear the red uniforms this time of year, which is a shame. But they sure know how to pace while carrying a large weapon regardless of their attire.

St. George's Cathedral, where Henry VIII and other royals are buried.

Interesting architecture with this cathedral; There are no tall spires or giant stained glass windows like most cathedrals. There was no photography inside, unfortunately.

After touring the Castle we went to a pub (of course) for lunch.

The Carpenter's Arms Pub, established in 1518. This is where I had the best drink of my life.

Rekorderlig Berry Cider... If I ever manage to find this again, I just might buy a case. Imagine a Shirley Temple (the drink, not the child actress) and now imagine it to be even more delicious. And you still can't possibly understand how wonderful it is. Seriously, if you find it in the states, please let me know.

We said goodbye to Windsor and headed back to London. We got off the bus at Knightsbridge, also known as Harrod’s.

Mom and I looked around (because really, who can afford anything there anyway?) while Dad and Mark found a pub to pass the time. We all went to Pizza Express (one of my favorite places since going there in St. Andrew’s. Thanks, Charles!) for dinner and a great way to end a wonderful day.


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