St. Andrew’s: Jack and I decide we need to transfer

27 Feb

On Saturday (the 12th) Charles had crew practice in the morning so Jack and I slept in and had breakfast before setting out about the town to explore the shops.

We wouldn't be in Scotland without a kiltmakers shop, now would we?

We stopped in a shop Charles had pointed out called Jack Wills, which was originally a sailing/boating/crew outfitter but is now sort of a British Abercrombie and Fitch. I love their motto. And of course I bought a mug and a shopping bag for my groceries.

While walking around we passed many St. Andrew’s treasures, including:

The St. Andrew's cat! It's a stray but the entire town takes care of it. So fluffy and pretty.

I don't remember the name of this church but their garden was already blooming and it was so quaint and charming and British.

The fence into the church. Look at me taking artistic photos...

Remains of the Blackfriars Chapel

The West Port, built in 1587 and renovated in 1843. It served as a gate into town.

Charles returned from rowing and we went out for Indian food. Technically it was Bangladeshi food but it’s essentially the same. I had Balti, which is a medium-spicy dish, and the boys had chicken Tikka Marsala and we shared some garlic Naan.

The Balaka restaurant

After our delicious lunch, we went out for ice cream at Janetta’s. It’s quite famous and quite delectable. I had Sticky Toffy Pudding ice cream that was to die for.

Bennett Janetta opened this ice cream shop in 1908!

After the ice cream Charles had to run the Boat Club (crew, rowing, etc.) table at the Athletic’s fair so Jack and I tagged along and pretended to be St. Andrew’s students. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of student life at St. Andrew’s. And this:

A bulletin board left from the previous semester advertising safe sex.

After the fair, Charles had a meeting so Jack and I ventured out to West Sands beach and the old golf course. Being in St. Andrew’s feels a lot like coastal Maine; there are lots of little shops, the beaches are rocky and there are seaside cliffs.

The old clubhouse

The beach and marshlands

A small waterway made from high tide

I love the way that wet sand reflects the sky

Because we're cute like that

Me freezing on the beach

Me freezing on the beach part two

The walkway to the beach

I can never remember what these are called... Cotton-tails? Either way, I thought they were pretty, especially against the ocean backdrop

The Old Course golf course

Once we met up with Charles it was time for our last dinner together. We went to a place called The West Port and had a drink (a French martini for me, Mojito for Jack, and a Gin and tonic for Charles. How grown-up we all are…) while we waited for a table. I had a fabulous pasta dish and the boys had steak (Jack) and a burger (Charles). We all enjoyed a glass of wine and chatted for a long time, just enjoying the atmosphere and the company.

After dinner we went to a local pub for a taste of St. Andrew’s locals and a raspberry mojito for Jack and I while Charles stuck to his grown-up Gin and tonic, this time it was served with a cucumber slice which was surprisingly wonderful with the drink.

After sitting for a while it was time to get to bed. Jack and I had to prepare for our train ride home and to say goodbye to a great friend and a place we grew to love in only a short amount of time. In the morning we had a quick pub breakfast and then we were off. I can’t wait to go back to Scotland, it’s such a beautiful place with nice people and such rich history. So for the time being, I said goodbye to St. Andrew’s, but I know I will go back in the future.


One Response to “St. Andrew’s: Jack and I decide we need to transfer”

  1. Jessica February 27, 2011 at 7:23 pm #

    AHH I am OBSESSED with tikka masala. Also I want to go to St. Andrews now <3

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