Victoria and Albert: Round two and Round three

16 Feb

On Sunday the 30th of January, Jack ( met me at Gloucester Road for another day of museum exploration. We took a long walk around Kensington and stopped at a bakery for breakfast. Jack enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant and I had an almond croissant. Now, I have become quite the consumer of croissants in the last few weeks. I’ve always loved the pastries but never have they been so readily available to me. Some days, I have two. Other days, I have more than two. Am I ashamed of this? Not in the least; they’re delicious and I’m going to enjoy every buttery, flaky, mouth-watering bite.

We enjoyed some hot chocolate and continued on our way to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I didn’t get to see everything last time and Jack had been itching to go too. We spent a lot of time in what I will now and forever refer to as the hallway of awkward statues and my new boyfriends. Here are the best of the rest from the V&A:

Awkward Statues:


The minotaur strikes again!

This is an awkward statue of the Princess from the Grimm Brother's Frog Prince. The story is worth reading, but this statue is just silly.

Awkward beatings

Truth seizing the tongue of Falsehood. I'm not making this up.


Apollo skinning a man alive for losing a contest. Because that is how the gods do things.

Are they dancing?


Facial hair? check. Mole? check. Fabulous hair? check. Stylish outfit? check.

How could one possibly choose?

The crypt keeper. I hear he's single...

Love the hat.

Facial hair is very important.

This boyfriend is made of metal. Here's hoping he doesn't rust like the tin man...

My stained glass boyfriend.

This visit we tackled the medieval period, Asia, and the casts. Medieval art can also be known as “Oh hey, Jesus!” because he is literally everywhere and on everything. Celebrities complain about having their picture taken but look at Jesus, he hasn’t been left alone for two thousand years. Here’s a sample of the art from Round Two:

Oh hey, Adam, try this apple. --Nah, i'm good.

A medieval ring stand.

Notice the Tiny Tim baby Jesus. I still don't understand this painting.

Ornamental crucifixes.

A decorative "P" to start the book of Psalms in a medieval Bible

Medieval belt buckle. So chic.

I don't think this is the best interpretation of what Mary looked like...

I like to wear tunics that are similar to Link from the Zelda games.

His holiness bows his head in prayer.

Chinese tea kettle.

I would be a very happy girl if I had this fan.

My samurai boyfriend.

I like his swagger


Samurai swords

It's the beard. I can't resist.

These ladies are gossiping about Mulan.

I wanna see your peacock.

Ice cream party, anyone?

This is Moses. I thought it was Zeus.

Hmm... I'm not sure that painting works on that wall.

Notice the man in the middle... He must have had a rough day.

Perseus has just slain Medusa. And the details are grotesque, thus, I love this statue.

A giant cast of a cross.

Men taking naps. Typical.

And here are a few things I picked on while touring the rest of the museum with Jack…

Apparently this guy is fighting a dragon.

This woman is beautiful and I want red hair like hers.

I have no idea what this child is doing and I can only wonder where his parents are.

Museums teach me how to make faces.

A wall of gentlemen

Tea, anyone?

This face is on a fountain. This face is also terrifying.

This guy is just so bored. And he's not the only one...

Another case of boredom in a piece of art at the V&A

I didn't stop to read this my first trip but I wish I had. It amazes me that so many great places were spared during the bombings of WWII.

My third visit to the V&A was on February 7th, just before class. I felt the need to get out and do something so I walked over and toured the India wing and the Islamic wing, with a few stops at minor displays.

Here’s a brief sample of my solo venture:

An automaton of a tiger attacking a soldier. It is also a music box and as the music plays, the tiger eats the man.

Body paint...or smurf?

A card game

A chess set

A spoon made of gold and inlaid with rubies and emeralds

A wine cup; kind of reminds me of the cup from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

An ornate turban pin

A battle-helm

A compass

A bejeweled dagger

An ancient printing of the Quran

And in the case next to the Quran is an early romance novel


This was called something like "The deranged bird"

Some weird centuar/duck man getting attacked by snakes... I think?

A butcher knife. I understand the irony in the fact that I am a vegetarian. But hey, it's well made and the carvings are incredible.

A cookie tin shaped like books

A cookie tin shaped like the globe

There was a display of instruments that travelers carried, including this ornate flute

A flask shaped like a shoe

I love this museum. I know I will be making a few more trips here in the next couple months.


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