Paris Part Three: Versailles

16 Feb

On Sunday (the 6th) we woke up early and hopped a train to Versailles to see the Chateau where Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (among other French royalty) lived. The last time I went to Versailles my camera died, so this time I made sure to have a charged battery.

A tip if you are ever in Paris: The first Sunday of each month the museums are free. Versailles costs 25 Euro. Free is a better price if you ask me.

The thing to know about Versailles is that it is less of a house and more of a small town. We didn’t have a tour guide so this post is mostly photos…

This is just the Chateau; there is also a mini Chateau for Marie Antoinette, several carriage houses, gardens, fountains, etc...

It was funny to see where restorations had taken place on the exterior because the gold leaf was so bright in comparison to the last paint job.

See how shiny and new the clock looks? And the sculptures around the clock...

The chapel. A man was sitting at the organ but he didn't play anything.

I thought this lady looked a lot like Meryl Streep.

One of hundreds of painted and gilded ceilings

Me being all artistic in the hall of mirrors.

A crystal chandelier. Some of them had purple crystals. This one was in the hall of mirrors.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

What a view to wake up to everyday.

The ceiling in the Queen's bedchamber, so Marie Antoinette's bedroom.

Marie Antoinette loved feathers so much she had them put in her canopy.

Her bedroom was flowery and girly and I loved it.

There's even peacock feathers embroidered on the cushions of her sofa.

They had a table set for dinner. And I got excited because I can make these napkin folds! It's an origami lotus flower.

One of the most famous portraits of Marie Antoinette and her children.

This was an entire wing of portraits and busts of French guys. And there's a skylight the whole way.

One of the many paintings in the hall

Some French man of importance. Possibly a pirate, by the looks of him. Perhaps he knows Captain Jack Sparrow…

An interesting jar of sorts...

Quite the backyard…

A fountain in the gardens.

A close-up shows that the men have the heads of frogs... super creepy!

The view from the back

No trip to a historic place would be complete without a few new boyfriends…

Winner of the best Shakespearean ruff award

Best mutton chops

Best hat and cape combo

Best stache and runner up for best Shakespearean ruff

Most luscious locks and most distinguished mole

On the way back from Versailles I got a snack…

Macaroons...From McDonald's. And they were delicious.

We got off the Metro near the Louvre and walked around the tourist shops before following the Seine back to our hotel. All along the Seine are these green boxes which open as stalls for used book sellers. It was fun to check out the literature on the way back. And before I knew it, I had to say, “Au revoir!” to Paris.


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