Victoria and Albert: thanks for the museum, among other things

24 Jan

After our fairy tale adventure at Kensington Palace we walked a few blocks to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve always loved museums; it was embedded in my DNA at birth, part of the package when you’re as nerdy as I am. And being in Britain is great because the museums are free to the public which means I can go to as many museums as I want, whenever I want, for however long I want to. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you have ever been to an art museum, the set-up of the Victoria and Albert Museum isn’t a surprise. The corridors are organized based on art type and time period (Renaissance, Middle Eastern, Asian) and the halls twist and turn into a maze full of paintings and sculptures and tapestries and china and furniture among other things. Here’s a random sampling:


Chubby babies... Also known as Cherubs

Billy Shakespeare, my constant companion.

Every book nerd's dream...

Dogs in London are so well-behaved, look at this guy.

Should I make a toot my own horn joke here? Probably not.

Thanks, Victoria.

Another cool thing about Victoria and Albert is the interactive stations they have set up throughout the museum. I was able to design my own coat of arms. A truly nerdy experience.

The Latin reads: Through Adversity to the Stars



One Response to “Victoria and Albert: thanks for the museum, among other things”

  1. Jessica Saint Jean January 25, 2011 at 3:31 am #

    Confused… that sculpture of Queen Victoria doesn’t look like Emily Blunt at all..

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