A morbid walking tour followed by pub food

18 Jan

Sunday night we took the Tube out to Tower Hill (right across the street from the Tower of London)

Home to the crown jewels and a gaggle of ghouls

We waited  in this neat sort of square. In the middle of the square is a giant sundial. It must look really cool a.) during the day and b.) in sunlight (which is a rarity here in London). I couldn’t get a good enough picture at night so the sundial is a topic we will have to revisit. In the meantime:

Roomies outside the tower; hopefully we won't get thrown in prison there.

The required tourist pic of the underground sign...

We met up with a tour guide, Shawn (Sean? Shaun?), a Scottish man with an odd sense of humor and a fascination with kittens. He knew his facts though, and we had a fun, informative, grizzly story time as we walked the streets of London. A lot of the murder sites from Jack the Ripper’s killing spree are now covered by buildings but we did get to see a few sites.

On the way to our first site we walked through this ancient wall. It was made to keep the poor separated from the wealthy in London. Now only a small section remains and it is home to many pigeons.

As if they weren't gross enough, pigeons like to sleep in groups and defile historic walls. Abby would not be impressed with these birds.

One of the most “intact” sites we saw was Mitre Square, which is right next to an elementary school. So that’s always fun for the little children.

Street signs are in the most varied places- either they are right by the ground or they're way up high on the building and sometimes there are no signs. London certainly keeps you on your toes.

So far my favorite street we have passed is…

According to our tour guide, you could literally buy frying pans at frying pan alley. Go figure! Now it is just an alleyway, sadly.

Learning about Jack the Ripper was pretty fascinating. What a seriously disturbed man he was. To this day they don’t know his true identity. I won’t go into the gory details of his crimes here but it’s worth looking into if you’re into things like murders and blood and guts like I am.

After the tour we headed to a pub (correction: a two floor, massive pub) where I had my first plate of fish and chips and my first glass of Pims. Both were delicious and will be consumed many more times before the semester ends.


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