First, Picadilly Circus. Second, I’m on a boat.

15 Jan

Friday was a great day simply because I got to sleep in. And for the first time, I slept well.

I convinced Sam that we needed to go to Picadilly Circus so that we could browse this giant tourist shop called Cool Britannia. We spent at least an hour if not two hours there. And then proceeded to hop from tourist shop to tourist shop until we had to head back to campus.

These gents greet you at the door of Cool Britannia. Yes, they are terrifying yet charming.

I didn’t do my silly gift purchasing this time, instead I got some postcards (including one of the princes, obviously) and stamps to send them off.

Harry does the "lean back" while Will breaks it down for the ladies.

And I got a phone booth keychain for my backpack, so that’s all taken care of. For those of you who don’t know, I collect phone booths. I have about ten of them in various sizes back home. I even have bookshelves that look like a phone booth. Sadly, I don’t have any that are capable of making actual phone calls.

After our Picadilly adventure we had library orientation (boring) and dinner (still gross). Then we got ready for the boat party.

Basically, the school rented this boat for us to have a dance party on. Translation: They rented a boat so that stupid biddies could get so drunk that they fell down every time the boat rocked. This was quite the source of entertainment for those of us who know how to behave around alcohol.

The best part of the boat ride was seeing London at night:

The London Eye and Big Ben/Parliament

Tower Bridge

Tower of London


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